Liam Gallagher

Manchester, UK

Liam Gallagher

Unlike boxing, rock and roll is not renowned for great comebacks. A few missteps and then it’s usually farewell, have a good life, who are you again? Occasionally, though, a true heavy musical champ loses a bout only to re-emerge even stronger later.

Liam Gallagher is one of a few era-defining voices to join the list of champions who returned to reclaim their belt. Witness the legend in his element at Fairgrounds Festival, Berry in 2019.

With his rise in Oasis, Gallagher was the frontman of one of the most influential and acclaimed bands of recent decades – a band which changed pop culture and defined the era of the 90’s.

After his later band, Beady Eye officially split in 2014, Liam found himself “out of the bubble” of being in an organised rock group with all the appropriate management apparatus for the first time in twenty years. He fell hard. Suddenly just a regular geezer (“just a regular absolute legend” he clarifies), he had to consider what he was going to do. And when all that was done he took a long look at himself in the mirror and remembered who he is and what he does. He’s Liam Gallagher, son of Peggy Gallagher, of Burnage, Manchester, the best singer and frontman of his generation. So he decided to start singing some songs again.