Kasey Chambers

Mount Gambier, SA


Kasey Chambers

Performing ‘The Captain’ for its 20th Anniversary

Released in 1999, Kasey Chambers ground-breaking debut album ‘The Captain’ was a pivotal record that remains the cornerstone of her outstanding career. Fairgrounds is excited to welcome the legendary performer playing songs from her breakthrough album as well as hits from her outstanding career!

Chambers’ music brought a blast of fresh air to the local country scene, and had Australia and family at its core – ingredients that have been a staple of Kasey’s song-writing ever since.

Kasey has followed it up with 11 more albums, each one cementing her place on the global country artist stage and garnering her a cabinet full of awards. In 2018 she was the youngest female ever to be inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame, reinforcing her place as one of Australia’s most respected, accomplished and captivating performers.

With a career spanning the last two decades, Chambers continues to consolidate her place as one of Australia’s most iconic country singers, and is a show not to miss at 2019’s Fairgrounds Festival.