Julia Jacklin

Sydney, NSW


Julia Jacklin

Hailing from Sydney’s Blue Mountains, singer/songwriter Julia Jacklin uses her music as an outlet of pure expression – a storyteller telling narratives through mesmerizing vocal performances. Jacklin’s openness and reflection about her own experiences is proof of her ingenuity and artistic generosity. Having recently released her new album Crushing, Jacklin’s songwriting is accompanied by uncompromising specificity and infinitely unpredictable turns of phrase.

“As I was making this album there was sort of a slow loosening of pressure on myself,” Jacklin says. “There’ve been some big life changes for me over the last few years, and I just found it too tiring to try to cover things up with a lot of metaphors and word trickery. I just wanted to lay it all out there and trust that, especially at such a tense moment in time, other people might want to hear a little vulnerability.”

Expect transportive harmonies and slow-burning guitar solos at Julia Jacklin’s set at Fairgrounds 2019.